Thursday, October 19, 2017

ROSEGAL Wishlist: Halloween Outfits

Hello, lovelies! I don't wonder why my social media feed is full of horrible make-up, Halloween Clothes, videos and photos of creepiest and scariest thing. Even though I'm so busy, I know that Halloween is approaching quietly soon. Do you have Halloween parties to attend to? You might want to check out these items from Rosegal



These four dresses above screams Halloween. Just wear it alone and you're celebrating it already. There's no need to wear horrible and scary make-up. Right? But if you need some props and disguise, below are some items that will help you complete the Halloween look.


So, what do you think of the choker necklace and that wolf claw gloves? Isn't it scary? I'm sure you'll scare the hell out of the crowd in the party. If you want to see more Halloween items, check out this Halloween Promotion which is on-going now. 




Tuesday, October 17, 2017

ROSEGAL Wishlist: Halloween Special Deals Online

Hello, lovelies! How's your mid-week going? If you'll ask me, I can't wait for the weekend and after the next weekend because guess who's going to a Halloween Party? Are you attending one? I am excited to wear these Halloween costumes and do the make-up on my own. I can stuff tons of make-up on my face and body because the more it is horribly done, the more it will look appropriate for the Halloween. Right? Anyway, have you gotten your costume already? I've got here some items from ROSEGAL that is really worth checking for.

I love the orange dress and the white top with the cobweb prints. A simple outfit like this needs just a little effort or no effort at all. The print speaks and suited for the theme. If you want to see more Halloween deals, just click the Halloween Clothes & Supplies Special Sale Online. There are many items that I know you've been looking for the upcoming Halloween.


Monday, October 16, 2017

ROSEGAL Wishlist: Fall Outfit & Accessories

Hello, lovelies! Guess what? Our trip to Baguio is materializing as of today. I hope it will push through next month. I am very excited for the trip because it's been eleven months since I last set foot in the City of Pines. The weather here in the metropolis is getting colder than usual, so I know that in Baguio we might experience a below temperature 20. As early as now, I'm preparing my outfits for the upcoming trip and below are just a few that I've been eyeing from ROSEGAL.

I haven't had any fur sweater in my life. I guess the blue-green sweater would be my first one. What do you think? This Fall/Winter season, I guess I'll be investing more on fur items such as the pink fluffy baseball hat. So, lovelies, can you guess the items that will make it to my shopping cart? Watch out for my upcoming IG stories for I'll surely snap photos of the new-in items.  


Friday, October 13, 2017

ROSEGAL Wishlist: Wine Red Outfit and Accessories

Hello, lovelies! It's the weekend and it's family time. I can't wait to spend the weekend with my family. Later, I and my husband will go to North to spend the whole weekend with the family. But before that, I will leave you with some good items that are new arrivals in ROSEGAL. We are planning a family vacation next month and we are heading somewhere cold. I am eyeing to buy these items for the upcoming trip with my family.

It is obvious that I love wine reds. This wishlist screams how I love this color for this season. I love the striped batwing sleeve top. The fall of the fabric looks good (I do hope it will look good on me, too!). The embroidered floral boots are very pretty, too. The corduroy crossbody bag and the cashmere long scarf goes well with an outfit. What do you think of the items that made it to my shopping cart? 


ROSEGAL Review: Weekender Outfit

Hello, lovelies! I'm a huge fan of denim. If you will see my closet, it's like half of it consist of anything denim. My denim collection is piling up and I have no reason to stop. I have a very few pieces of white denim, so I've ordered some from ROSEGAL. Today's style post is just casual but this is my go-to look during my day-offs - I'm a shorts and slip-ons kind of girl. Just click the link below or click the photo above to see more photos and outfit details.

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